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Make $TRY Great Again

EUR/USD killed me today. I was having fun buying 1.1380s and selling 5 to 6 pips higher but as usual, the market reminded me that buying dips when momentum is on the other side is like picking pennies in front of a steamroller. I did think EUR would be bid …

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Monday June 4 | FX Levels To Trade

I will be updating in the morning going into the NY session. EURUSD: Overall EURUSD will struggle to move above 1.18 in short-term. The newly formed Italian government eased uncertainty end of last week, but there are still worries given the fiscal path that the new populist Italian government will …

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Euro and CAD suffer on Memorial Day

The US and UK are on holidays but I am certainly not. I realize trading is thin but there are still opportunities in USDCAD (oil down) and EURUSD (Italy woes). USD was bid overall and DXY hit 94.46. I did think last week that 94 will be a strong resistance …

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Sunday night Trade | $USDJPY bid

Monday is a holiday here in Canada. Happy Victoria Day! Usually, I do not trade much Sunday night. I do prepare for the week ahead. I read some research and look at charts. But I opened up my charts and liked the action. I went long $USDJPY at 111.82 (Daily …

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The Fed keeps pulling out.

I was feeling sick last night.  It screwed my routine. Lacking sleep, I woke up usual at 5 a.m. but tired. Contrary to the customary I did not check FX prices. I did not open my Bloomberg app. I showered and got dressed up.  The markets were not in my …

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